Calendar State Papers Domestic (PRO SP/14 page 81)

20.4.1603 (Wednesday 20 April 1603)

document 12900182

to our very loving friends mr Thos Gardyner and mr Thos Waldgrave esquires justices of the peace for the county of (torn) after our hearty commendations we have received the (torn) the 16.4. whereby as you have advertised the riotous disorders begun in the parish of Earls Colne in the county of Essex so we as also perceive your good government and discretion in suppressing and staying it from further proceeding for the which we cannot omit to give you just commendation and do pray you to continue your diligence and careful oversight to the preventing and redressing of such disorders which as it seemeth by your report and is credible enough do arise rather from the instigation of some ill disposed persons that would make disturbance of the happy peace of this state than from any cause of discontentment in the people either for provision of grain or anything else and therefore if you can discover and find out any of those evil persons that are the secret authors or abettors of such tumultuous disorders you shall do good service therein and in the meanwhile you shall do well according to the order you have already taken to cause such of the offenders as you have bound o ver to the quarter sessions to answer there for their misbehaviour and so with thanks again and commendation for your diligence and good (torn) from his majesty (torn) your loving friends Jn Cant Thos Egerton J Buchurst Northumberland Howard Edw Wotton L Fuhlpe# Fortescu