Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ACD1)

.9.1588 (September 1588)

document 600221

(water damaged) next is the examination of Abbott neighbour of the illegible text knowing her to be sick did illegible textAgnes to see how she did illegible text upon a wednesday illegible text in lent last past and otherwise illegible text upon which wednesday she saith illegible textillegible text and being come thither she found the said Agnes Bieston widow lying on a pallet by the fireside in the parlour of the dwelling house and with her mrs Church and one Sparrowe's wife here present illegible text that kept the said mrs Bieston in her sickness but whether mrs Pierson her contestis was there before her coming yea or no she remembereth not and she saith that the said Wm Bieston being then and there in the said parlour in the said morning about eight or nine of the clock as she remembereth kneeling down upon his knees by the said pallet spake to his said mother and as she remembereth did ask her blessing weeping to see her sick whereupon the said Agnes Bieston spake unto him as forthwith or like illegible text viz"be of good cheer for all is thine both with the house and without" and she saith that the said mrs Bieston being then moved by mrs Church and mrs Pierson to give the said Joan Payne her daughter something the said Agnes Bieston said as followeth illegible text that she had 20li but the other day and saith that the said Agnes Bieston widow was during the premises of perfect mind and memory for illegible text this examinant and the rest of the women then being present this examinant the said mrs Church mrs Peerson goodwife Sparrowe illegible text that this examinant continued with the said Agnes until she died which was about illegible text but at about that time illegible text she remembereth not illegible text and saith that she remembereth the bell illegible text toll for the said Agnes Bieston before she died illegible text in the morning a great while before she died and saith that the said Agnes did speak to the said Wm for some these words afore deposed by her before the tolling of the bell and that she had no cloth pulled over her afore she was departed