Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ACD1)

.9.1588 (September 1588)

document 600298

next examination illegible text widow of Earls Colne illegible text etc said Wm Bieston and Joan Payne illegible text said unto him" Wm come hither" whereupon the said Wm arising from the place where he did kneel did kneel down against the side of the said pallet more near her holding up his hands and then the said Agnes Bieston spake unto him and laid her hands upon his head and said as followeth viz" Wm be of good cheer for all is thine within and without and it is too little too" this deponent thinking then that the said Agnes had given him all her goods before and she saith that the said Agnes Beeston to this examinants judgement and opinion was thereof good and perfect memory for she saith that the said Agnes Beeston did take this examinant by the hand and said to this examinant that they had been neighbours a long time before whereupon this examinant weeping the said Agnes Beeston asked her why she wept and further she saith that this examinant the day before being with the said Agnes did move her to take something to Joan Payne her daughter and the said examinant answered she would not for that she had had a little before 20li of her and that all was left further this examinant says that the day aforesaid wherein as before she hath deposed the said Agnes Beeston spake these words aforesaid to the said Wm Beeston goodwife Rede her neighbour coming in to see how the said Agnes Beeston did move the said Agnes to give the said Joan Payne something but the said Agnes would not give her anything