Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

6.7.1621 (Friday 6 July 1621)

document 800069

to the second article of the said libel he said and deposed that about the spring last and a little before easter as he remembereth this deponent being at the widow Ward's house in White Colne where his precontestis Jas Ward likewise dwelleth in the company of the articulate Wm Prentice he heard him use some disgraceful speeches against Josias Golding the husband of the articulate Helen Golding and some who were present defending him and affirming that he was an honest man and his wife an honest woman and thereupon the said Prentice replied and said"what is Golding he hath married a priest's bastard" meaning thereby the articulate Helen Golding party agent in this suit which words he spake in the presence of this deponent and his precontestis Jas Ward and further he does not know to depose