Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA8)

3.12.1579 (Saturday 3 December 1579)

document 1002669

office of the judge against Geo Garrett of Earls Colne to receive his penance he is ordered that upon sunday next from the first peal rung unto the last ring he shall stand in the church porch of Earls Colne and from the beginning of divine service unto the end wearing a white sheet about him he shall stand next to the place where the minister saith service and there immediately after the gospel read shall penitently confess that offence hath grown for incontinent living with Jane Hutton his kinswoman whereof he has been lawfully convicted and he is heartily sorry for it and promises henceforth to live righteously and he is to confess this also on the day of the sabbath in the public market place of Colchester and to certify of this at the next