Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA8)

3.12.1579 (Saturday 3 December 1579)

document 1002703

office of the judge against Robt Beriffe of Earls Colne he appeared and it was objected against him on the basis of public fame that he is suspected to live incontinently with Crisps wife of Earls Colne etc Beriffe denied the article but submitted himself to correction therefore the judge ordered that on some convenient day on this side xmas shall before the vicar churchwardens and four such as the vicar shall think good confess that whereas he hath given occasion of offence for being familiarly in the company of the said Crisp's wife being a lewd woman he is sorry for it protesting hereafter to live more circumspectly and to certify at the next 12d