Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA8)

8.2.1580 (Monday 8 February 1580)

document 1100070

office of the judge against Hen Abbott of Earls Colne to purge himself under seven hands of his neighbours on this day he appeared and failing to bring in the compurgators he was convicted of the crime objected therefore the judge ordered him as a penance as follows viz that upon sunday next at morning prayer in Earls Colne church he shall openly stand in a sheet and there openly confess bareheaded that whereas he hath lived with one Rootes offensively he is sorry for it desiring god and the congregation to forgive him etc and to certify at the next and further decreed Abbott is excommunicated for that he hath unreverently abused the judge and the court and openly did revile them presenting him to this court calling them knaves contemptuously