Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA9)

2.10.1581 (Monday 2 October 1581)

document 1100608

Wm Turner and his wife Joan the said Turner the husband appeared and the wardens present that he is a brawler and contumacious person for one that disturbeth and disquieteth the parish at divine service and also at the celebration of the lord's supper and that he was absent at the parish church upon the 20.8. last and refuseth to come to communion Turner admitted that he spoke to mr vicar being in the pulpit calling a woman out to do her penance and told him he was out of his text and that it was no part of his service touching the contention it was his suit in law against mr Adams and his wife who had defamed him he received not the communion because he was not in charitable state by reason of their injury offered the 20 .8. he was at a bridal at Feering where he heard service as he saith then the judge ordered him to attend communion and confess his faults and to reconcile himself with the vicar and to certify sufficiently concerning this