Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA51)

11.1.1637 (Wednesday 11 January 1637)

document 2002263

a negotiation assigning a curatores ad letes (guardian) of Jas Hunwick minor natural son of Jn Hunwick cleric and Clem Hunwick widow deceased on this day appeared Jas Hunwick Jas H and alleged himself to be of minor age viz 14yr or thereabouts and under the age of twenty years and says that he is not able to take care of the portion of goods of Jn Hunwick deceased or Clem Hunwick his mother deceased which is in the fields of Grace# Boosey the administrator and he seeks the mr Thomas curatores ad letes to be assigned therefore the judge on his petition assigns as the office of curator mr Meigen and Gael