Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

11.4.1726 (Monday 11 April 1726)

document 10800093

then took in the overseers accounts for the year last past of Jn Brewster and Edw Wash the disbursements of Jn Brewster amounting to 45li10s9d the disbursements of Edw Wash 57li7s7d the total sum is 102li18s4d Jn Brewster chargeth himself with seven quarters and a half rate 47li12s9d Edw Wash also charges himself with a nine quarter rate amounting to 57li3s4d 104li16s2d by mistake in casting up due to the parish in balance 1li17s8d it appear that the balance is 12s1d by Tiffin difference of 1s1d1h 5d allowed to Nich Bowls 6s1d just balance 5s11d