Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

16.5.1737 (Monday 16 May 1737)

document 11101588

then balanced the accounts of Sam Smith and there remains due to the parish 1li14s6d1h allowed by deficiencies 3s3d and paid to mr Adams for widow Wilkinson's rent 15s total 18s3d total 16s3d1h at the same time balanced the accounts of Thos King and due to him 8s3d1h as from the accounts on the other side at the same time paid by the abovesaid Sam Smith the above balance and also paid the said Thos King the said sum of 8s3d1h received by me Thos King this account taken in by us Thos Sewell Jn Newton Jn Harrington Jn Hatch