Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

29.9.1740 (Monday 29 September 1740)

document 11201464

then agreed at a vestry meeting that the monthly standing collection should be as under widow Arnald 10s widow Finch 8s widow Smith 6s widow Sandall 8s widow Beart 4s widow Sweeten 4s widow Sadd 4s widow Raven senior 4s widow Moss 5s widow Raven junior 2s widow Wilkinson 6s widow Sillitoe 7s widow Paine 8s widow Bigsbey 4s Geo Mann 12s Charity Hatch's girl 6s Jacob Green 2s Miles at Bewers 10s widow Crow 8s Eliz Catley for her sister 4s Ben Hull (may be Ben Hull)     Geo Layer 8s Jn Buck 10s Thos Garrett 8s Ed Paine (may be Ed Paine) senior 4s Ed Paine (may be Ed Paine) junior 4s Wm Sadd's wife 4s Geo Peartree 6s total 8li6s