Settlement Certificates (ERO DP/209/13/1)

9.1.1755 (Thursday 9 January 1755)

document 12201655

9.1.1755 letter re settlement I received your letter this morning wherein mr Jn Unwin writes word that mr Robinson your churchwarden has consulted the parishioners concerning Solomon Hitchcock who they remember a person of that name some years agone but don't know whether they have one of that name belongs to them now gentlemen to show you your errors or wilful mistake I have sent down a copy of the certificate that was granted and signed by Jn Unwin one of your officers then present and I suppose the same Jn Unwin that sent the letter now gentlemen if you don't answer this according to our satisfaction we will take another method with you I am gentlemen for the parish yours Jn Black Chappel warden addressed to mr Robinson church warden of the parish of Earls Colne