Settlement Certificates (ERO DP/209/13/4)

28.1.17== (Date unknown)

document 12201728

the examination of Jn Cook upon oath this 28.1.17== touching his last place of settlement the examinant saith he was born in the parish of Glemsford in the county of Suffolk lived with his parents till he attained the age of about twelve years then his friend him as an apprentice for seven years to one mr Benj Crispe of the parish of Foxearth in the said of Essex wheelwright and he served that master in Foxearth aforesaid about two years then his said master went and lived Little Cornard in the said county of Suffolk he served his said master there about months further of his said apprenticeship then this examinant further saith his master assigned over his indenture to one Jehew Shave of the parish of Earls Colne he served that Shave the remainder said apprenticeship that being four years and upwards and has never act since to gain a settlement elsewhere sworn the day and date above written before me Robt Tweed Jn Cook