Settlement Certificates (ERO DP/209/13/4)

29.3.1755 (Saturday 29 March 1755)

document 12202145

the examination of Jn Hurrell now residing in the parish of Earls Colne husbandman taken upon oath the 29.3.1755 the said examinant on his oath saith that about nineteen years ago he let himself for one year as a hired servant to Jn Ellis then living in the parish of Whiston in Suffolk farmer for which he agreed to have 6li10s or thereabouts and pursuant to agreement he lived and served his said master Ellis in Whiston one full whole year and at the end of the year he let himself again to his said master for one year more and served that year also and then this examinant married a kinswoman of his masters and about nine years ago his master Ellis removed into the parish of Great Tey into a farm there of 60li a year or thereabouts and this examinant and his family went to Tey and resided in the farm house with said Ellis and worked there as husbandman or labourer and went to market and bought and sold for his said master he then being very old and infirm and that whilst he lived in Tey aforesaid the parish officers there threatened to send him this examinant home to Whiston but his master upon the account and for fear of his being removed not knowing what to do if this examinant should be sent away he the said Ellis told this examinant that he should not be removed for he would let him part of the lands in Tey in order to settle him there and accordingly the said Jn Ellis and this examinant went to one mr Cross then and now living at Coggeshall who made a lease or article of demise for fourteen years of parcel of the lands containing about 24a at the yearly rent of 12li but this examinant never paid any rent neither rates nor taxes and that he never received any profits nor advantage by the crops of corn there growing but that he lived and boarded with his said master and had no money nor wages for his work and labour only his living in part of the house and board and the keep of two or three sheep and a cow or two and this examinant further saith that the parish of Tey did not interrupt this examinant no more so that the lease was not shown nor made known to them for he believes it was made only under a colour by the said Ellis to prevent his being removed to Whiston for this examinant did not enter into possession of the said lands mentioned in the said lease so made as aforesaid for that he ploughed and sowed the same in corn with the rest of the lands and that his said master had the sole and only benefit of the crops growing thereon as aforesaid and this examinant further saith that he lived with his said master in Tey till he died which was about five years ago and this examinants mother in law was made sole executrix who held the said farm till the michaelmas day next after his death and this examinant still lived in the house and ploughed and did all the same work as he had done all the time for Ellis and then his mother in law sold the stock and went out of the farm and he this examinant sometime after went and lived in Colne where he now lives but never paid any rates or taxes neither been a Constable or parish officer neither rented 10li a year by reason he was but in low circumstances for that about michaelmas.last some of his family was taken with the smallpox and this examinants wife was also down with it upon which the parish officers of Colne relieved this examinants wife in the time of her illness and further saith that he this examinant never did any other act than as aforesaid whereby to gain a legal settlement in any other parish or place than as aforesaid to the best of his knowledge sworn before us Geo Wegg and Jer Daniell mark Jn Hurrell I am of opinion on this examination that Jn Hurrel by virtue of the demise from Ellis in Great Tey has gained no settlement therein because the same will be esteemed I think fraudulent from the declaration of Ellis that he should not be removed for he would let him lands to so title him and which is confirmed by another circumstance making it fraudulent which is his never receiving the profits W Dodds 29.3.1755 ( Jn Ellis's will is dated 8.2.1744 none of the Hurrells are mentioned but his executor is named as Cath Shaw of Wiston the sister in law of the testator)