Settlement Certificates (ERO D/P36/16)

21.4.1739 (Saturday 21 April 1739)

document 12202754

having perused the judgement between the churchwardens and overseers of Earls Colne and Jos Gage of Coggeshall I am of opinion that the same on many accounts is not properly within the meaning of the statutes made for binding poor children apprentice but then the great difficulty will be to avoid any settlements being gained at Coggeshall by the service under it and I doubt the sessions will not interpose for that purpose but the parish must be left to take advantage of that whenever the settlement comes to be disputed which may be brought on by removing the lad by an order to the parish of Colne but as the whole depends upon the strict construction of those statutes and is quite a new point I can't advise the parish of Coggeshall to run the hazard of disputing it which may be attended with great expense but the better way for them I think is to have him discharged from his master and if he is not above eighteen or nineteen years to get him out again into some other service Geo Wegg 21.4.1739 Colchester ps query whether any money was given with the apprentice (outside) opinion of council