Wills (ERO D/ABW22/63 Jn Kettell 1555)

6.4.1555 (Saturday 6 April 1555)

document 2501052

in the name of god amen the 6.4.1555 etc. I Jn Kettell keeper of Colne Park do ordain and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul to almighty god and my body to be buried also I will that Marge my wife mine executrix shall cause to be distributed among the poor people of Earls Colne 13s4d also I give towards the mending of the highway between the gate called Colne Gate and a cross standing upon a green 6s8d also I give unto the right honourable and my special good lord and master the earl of Oxford my fair black mare the best that I have to stalk as also I give to Marge my daughter 20li in money and to the child that my wife now goeth with another 20li in money to be paid to them at their several ages of 21yr and if the one of them shall happen to decease afore the said age then I will the survivor shall have the whole of the foresaid money also I give to my brother Geo Kettell 20s in money and part of my apparel at the discretion of my wife also I give unto Hen Kettell my brother a bay bald colt or 20s for it at his choice also I give to my sister Isabel Bruar 20s in money or one of my presses at her choice also I give to Eliz Brewer her daughter and to Hen Brewer her son to each of them 6s8d also I give to Jn Brewer their father part of my apparel after my wife's discretion also I give to Jn Potter my servant one of my tawny# pokes and to Peter Webb my servant my (torn) coat also I give to Wm Smythe a poor man dwelling by the churchyard at Earls Colne my white frieze coat the residue of my goods and chattels movable and unmovable my debts paid and my legacies fulfilled I give them to my said wife whom I make mine executor and Thos Paycoke of Coggeshall to be my supervisor these persons hereafter named witnesses hereof (no names given)