Wills (ERO D/ACW5/156 Rich Parker 1610/11)

4.3.1611 (Monday 4 March 1611)

document 3500005

in the name of god amen the 4.3.1611 etc. I Rich Parker of Earls Colne in the county of Essex yeoman sick in body but perfect in remembrance and of good memory thanks be to god I do ordain and make this my testament and last will first I commit my soul to my almighty god and my body to bury in the churchyard item I give to the poor people of Earls Colne 6s8d to be paid by my executors within one month after item I give to the vicar of Earls Colne 6s8d praying him to make a sermon for the edifying of the people at my burial item I give to my brother Hen Parker 20s within one year after my decease item I give unto my three daughters which are now married 20s apiece to be paid in one year after unto them to be paid by my executors item I give unto Rich Parker my son one tenement and 10a of land more or less lying along against Colne Parke called Park Gate upon this condition that he shall pay unto Ann Parker my daughter the sum of 50li of good and lawful money of England to be paid 10li a year during the term of five years after my decease within one year after for the first payment and to pay every year after during the aforesaid term and if the said Rich my son shall refuse to pay according unto my true meaning the 10li a year(inserted) that then it shall be lawful for my daughter Ann to enter into the tenement and every part and parcel thereof to have and to hold possess unto her use and to her assigns during the term of six years fully to be complete and ended item I will and give unto Rich Parker my son my house and land belonging to the manor of Colne Priory to him and his heirs upon this condition that he shall suffer his mother for to enjoy one half of the said commodity during his minority and if he doth refuse so to do then my will is then she shall have hold and enjoy the house with all the appurtenances thereto belonging and to pay unto the said Rich my son the sum of 5li a year during his minority upon the demised premises item I will that if my wife shall marry again that then my son shall enter on the demised premises aforesaid to him and to his executor or assigns forever and my wife to be void and frustrate of all the demised premises within six months after her marriage or solemnisation and provided always that my son Rich shall pay unto Margt Parker his mother or her assigns during her natural life the sum of 13li6s8d of good and lawful money of England to use all feasts in the year as they shall be six months after and so during all the said term aforesaid by even portions which is to say 6li13s84d at any of the said times which shall happen first item all the rest of my goods with corn cattle household stuff with all other implements I will and bequeath unto Margt Parker my wife and Rich my son my debts being paid my legacies performed and my funeral discharged and the over plus of all my goods and movables unto Margt and my son equal to be divided between them I do make and ordain my wife and son to be my executors to this my will and testament I do appoint Jn Parker of Tendringe my brother and Lorance Parker of Tolsonn Bussley my brother to be overseers of this testament and last will I do give them 20s apiece besides their ordinary expenses costs and charges of this my will in witness hereof I have set my hand and seal the 4.3.1611 in the presence of these names under written Rich Parker sealed and delivered in the presence of Hen Channey mark Thos Smith Robt Crow surrender to the use of his will(inserted)