Wills (ERO D/ACW7/324 Margt Berry 1616/17 1616/17)

15.2.1617 (Saturday 15 February 1617)

document 3600579

in the name of god amen the 15.2.1617 etc. I Margt Berry of Earls Colne in the county if Essex widow being sick in body but of perfect memory thanks be given to almighty god do ordain and make this my present testament declaring therein and thereby my last will in manner and form following revoking and disannulling hereby all other former wills by me made first I commend my soul into the hands of almighty god my creator with an assured trust and confidence of eternal life and salvation through the blessed merit and passion of jesus christ my saviour and redeemer and my body I will to be decently buried in christian burial at the discretion of mine executor hereunder named and for disposing of my worldly goods first I give and bequeath unto Thos Soles Robt Castle and Arth Castle my sisters children viz to every of them 6d apiece of good lawful money of En gland item I give unto Jn Brownesonne my brother in law 6s8d of good lawful money of England item I give unto my kinsman Jn Browneson son of my said brother in law 5s of good lawful money of England item I give and bequeath unto Prisc Fippes Roger Brownesonne my kinsman the sum of 4s of good lawful money of England for and towards the bringing up of Prisc Fippes my servant until her age of 14yr and I will that if he keep her not himself until her said age that then he shall provide for her to have her placed and brought up in so good sort as he may according to her degree until her said age and that he shall bestow and pay the said sum of 4s to such person or persons with whom he shall place her for and towards her better maintenance and bringing up until the said age of 14yr all the rest of my movable goods and chattels whatsoever of whatsoever sort nature or kind the same be sum of money debts and personal rights whatsoever and howsoever due unto me I give and bequeath unto Roger Brownesonne aforesaid my kinsman in regard as well of his alliance of blood unto me as also his love and kindness unto me in this time of my extremity and sickness being now destitute and deprived of other worldly comfort and I ordain and make the said Roger Brownesonne my whole and sole executor of this my present last will and testament to see my debts and legacies truly paid and performed and my body decently buried and in witness hereof have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written mark Margt Berry Jn Brownsonne mark Jas Pennocke Robt Cobbe