Wills (ERO D/ACW4/286 Eliz Enowes of Earls Colne 1608 1608)

.4.1608-.5.1608 (April 1608)

document 3700005

the disposition of Eliz Enowes late of White Colne deceased memorandum that Eliz Enowes of White Colne in the county of Essex widow as well in the month of .4.1608 as in .5.1608 having an intent to dispose her goods did in the presence of the witnesses hereunder named give and devise as followeth her will was that 14li of a debt of 16li due upon a bond of 20li to her by Jn Hunwicke of Earls Colne should by the said Jn Hunwicke be defrayed about her funeral that is to say in and about her coffin her burial in the church a shroud at her funeral a dinner for the recreation of those that did accompany her to the church and upon 4y of black cloth at 20s the yard which should be for the present be bestowed and employed for her hearse and such other necessaries about her funeral and that her funeral ended the said 4y of black cloth should remain to her brother Edm to make him a gown and the other 40s the remainder of the said debt of 16li should remain to the said Jn Hunwicke towards his pains taking she further willed that no forfeitures of any bonds made to her should be challenged or taken of any that were indebted unto her she willed that her least trunk with her gown and other things in it should be delivered to her cousin Mary Hardinge and her other trunk to Allen the son of Jn Hunwicke aforesaid also she willed that one obligation of 8li due to her by mr Francis Deeks of Swinsted should remain to Thos Enowes her brother Edm's son now prentice in London also to him the said Thos a featherbed a feather bolster two pillows and a coverlet also she willed that a bond for the payment of 40s due to her by Thos Grenwodd servant to the said mr Deeks should remain to Rich Sydaie of White Colne further she willed that her cousin Allen Hunwick should have her little round table and the rest of the implements about her house which were but few she gave them to Ann Jarret a wench which kept with her saving one kettle and a little cupboard which she gave to Grace Hunwick the daughter of Jn Hunwick also to Kath the wife of Thos Totman her red petticoat further she willed to her good friend goodwife Pilgrim a posnet and her mind was that the bond should not be delivered to the said Jn Hunwycke till he had bestowed the said 14li at her funeral they and her being present mark Eliz Pilgrim and mark Ann Jarrett