Wills (ERO D/ACW9/164 Mary Borley of Colne Engaine 1623 1623)

8.8.1623 (Friday 8 August 1623)

document 3700735

in the name of god amen the 8.8.1623 I Mary Borley of Colne Engaine in the county of Essex widow being sick in body but yet in good and perfect remembrance I do thank god therefore to dispose those temporal blessings whereof almighty god of his merciful goodness hath lent me the use in this transitory life do ordain and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following first and principally I surrender and bequeath my saviour and redeemer by whose precious bloodshedding upon the cross I do steadfastly hope to have remission of all my sins and my body to the earth from whence is was taken to be decently buried according to my degree item I do give unto Hen Prior my son my best bedstead my best featherbed and bolster two pair of my best sheets a pair of my best blankets and my best coverlet my best gelt horse my best cow a wyned# chest standing in the lower parlour and the cupboard standing in an upper chamber in recompense and satisfaction of his dutiful service heretofore done unto me item I do give unto Thos Prentice my son my bedstead bedding with the coverlet and a pair of sheets with two blankets and a pillow illegible text which bedstead and bedding are now standing and placed in an upper chamber over the hall next the window towards the green and the cupboard standeth in the same chamber item I do give unto Eliz Prentice my daughter my brown nag a fine holland sheet and a cupboard cloth item I do give unto Mary Bennall 40s of lawful money of England to be paid within one year after my decease item I do give unto Kath Bennall 20s of like money and my best gown and best petticoat item I give unto Mary Bennall my daughter 4bush of wheat and four cheeses item all the rest of all and every my goods chattels and implements of household whatsoever not before by me given or bequeathed my debts legacies probate of my will and all other funeral charges paid and discharged I will shall be equally divided between my four sons and three daughters that is to say Robt Prentice Thos Prentice Wm Prior and Hen Prior Mary Bennall Alice Ruggles and Eliz Prentice provided always that if the said Wm Prior my son or Robt Prentice shall by any way or means molest mine executor herein named in taking mowing my corn or grain growing or being upon any the lands which belong unto them or any of them after my decease or shall not permit and suffer my said executor to have free liberty ingress and regress into and from any the houses where any of my goods or implements of household shall be and remain at the time of my death then my will is that my said son Wm or my said son Robt shall have no part of any of my goods or chattels before to them in this my will given or bequeathed but his part so to him given which shall molest my executor shall be divided amongst the rest of my said sons and daughters item I do give unto the poor people of Colne Engaine aforesaid 10s to be distributed amongst them upon the day of my burial or within one month after and I do ordain and make the said Hen Prior sole executor of this my last will and testament to see my body decently buried and my debts and legacies paid and discharged in witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal read sealed and published as her last will and testament in the presence of Jn Parkinson Jn Nicoll Simon Ive mark Mary Borley