Wills (ERO D/ACW15/266 Jn Pilgrim of Ramsey husbandman 1650 1650)

7.12.1650 (Monday 7 December 1650)

document 4300464

7.12.1650 memorandum that I Jn Pilgrime being in perfect mind and memory do for reasons best known unto me null and make void that clause in my will and testament above written signed and sealed concerning my executors so that where in the said will I had appointed my wife Sisly and my son Jn to be joint executors I do constitute my wife sole executrix excluding my son from any inter meddling therewith in which respect I do will and bequeath to my said son Jn the sum of 40li to be paid three weeks after the expiration of my lease of Berwicks Land in witness whereof I have put to my hand and seal the day and year above written furthermore I do by# my wife to keep my son Edm my daughters Margt Eliz and Sisly till they be 14yr of age apiece in consideration whereof she is to take the rent at Earls Colne and Ramsey Streete otherwise not to intermeddle therewith but to be received by some other for the use of the said children as they shall make choice# of witness my hand and seal the day and year above written witnesses Rich Taylor Joseph Allen Jn Pilgrim