Wills (ERO D/ACW 18/22 Nuncupative Will of William Death of Great Tey 1669)

23.7.1669 (Friday 23 July 1669)

document 4601600

(transcription of the contents of the will only) met we whose names are hereunder written do testify as followeth that William Death late of Tey in the county of Essex yeoman being taken sick in body an intending to make his last will and testament on# 23.7#.1669 (inserted) did in our presence declare that he would leave his and# whole estate real and personal and the rents and possessions thereof to the disposal of his wife Susanna Death and for and until his son William should come to the age of one and twenty years and that then his said son should from that time have and take the possession of the copyhold lands at Earls Colne to his own use and that the said Susanna should have the all the freehold lands and estate being the in Much Tey for and during the term of her natural life intending to make the same Susan his executrix mark Katherine Hills her mark mark Mary Woodward Tho Cockerell