Wills (ERO D/ACW24/94 D/ACR12/233a Geo Toller 1712 1720)

13.5.1740 (Tuesday 13 May 1740)

document 5501341

on the 13.5.1740 issued forth a commission to Thos Angier late the lawful husband and now administrator of the goods etc of Eliz Angier deceased formerly Eliz Toller spinster the natural daughter and one of the executors and residuary legatees named in the last will and testament of Geo Toller late of Earls Colne in the county of Essex gent deceased and who alone moved the said while the other executors first renouncing to administer the goods etc of the said Geo Toller deceased with the said will annexed left unadministered by the said Eliz deceased and according to the tenor and effect of the said will Rose Harris widow Grace wife of Jn Hatch and Thomasin wife of Jn Bele also natural and lawful daughters of the said Geo Toller deceased and universal residuary legatees named in the said will being first cited to accept or refuse etc and having in no wise appeared being first pronounced in contempt he being first sworn duly so to administer