Wills (ERO D/ACR12/259 Jn Raven 1714 1714)

15.4.1714 (Thursday 15 April 1714)

document 5600005

in the name of god amen I Jn Raven of Earls Colne in the county of Essex being very weak but of sound and perfect memory do bequeath my soul to god my body to the ground and my goods and chattels in manner following so help me god to my son Jn I bequeath 20li to be paid at 21yr of age the remainder I bequeath to my executrix Ann Raven to pay my debts and to bring up the rest of the children with this proviso that she abstain from marriage and if it should so happen that she should marry then my substance to be divided and she and my children every one of them to have their equal shares in which shall remain this my last will I approve in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 15.4.1714 the mark of Jn Raven witness Wm Smith the mark of Jn Springett