Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates (PRO RG6/1379)

29.6.1720 (Wednesday 29 June 1720)

document 10201504

Coggeshall 29.6.1720 Sam Ennew and Mary Simmons having declared their intentions of taking each other in marriage did this day solemnize their said marriage and had certificate signed by the following persons viz Jos Kendall Roger Mullings Robt Ludgater Jn Dennison Jn Henningham Chris Hownell Hen Worm Jn Morsse Dan Halls Thos Emerson Jn Bowman Peter Livermore Rich Blackburne Jeremy Summers Thos Jepp Jn Whitaker Jn Summers Rose Morsse Eliz Lince Mary Ludgater Ann Brightwell Eliz Dello Mary Mark Mary Hownell Sarah Hownell Eliz Fryett I Mary Clark Mary Ludgater Sam Ennew Mary Simmons Thos Ennew Bar Ennew Martha Ennew Ralph Thrisher Hannah Thrisher Eliz Perry Hannah Jarvis Peter Jarvis sen Peter Jarvis jun