Quaker Monthly Meeting (PRO RG6/1573)

7.10.1706 (Monday 7 October 1706)

document 9300636

at our monthly men's and women's meetings held in Earls Colne the 7.10.1706 came Jn Jeffery singleman and and (sic) Alse Barron of Halsted singlewoman and did declare their intentions of taking each other in marriage if the lord permit and with friends consent this being the first time of their declaring their intentions of marriage the said Jn Jeffery brought a certificate from friends belonging to Witham monthly meeting of his clearness from all other persons relation to marriage and the said Alse Barron's father and mother Wm Barron and Kath Barron being present at the same time of their declaring their intentions unto which they have set their hand the day and year above written Jn Jeffery Alice Barron