Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates (PRO RG6/1379)

5.5.1673 (Monday 5 May 1673)

document 9700400

1673 whereas Rich Bulley and Angelica Nichoalson both of Headingham Sible in the county of Essex having declared their intentions of marriage at several public meetings of the people of god called quakers in Essex which was approved of by the said meetings now these are to certify all people to whom it may concern that for the full determining of the intentions aforesaid this 5.5.1673 in an assembly of the people of god aforesaid at their meeting place in Headingham Sible the said Rich Bulley did solemnly in the fear of god according to the example of the holy men of god recorded in the holy scriptures of truth take the said Angelica Nichoalson to be his wife and likewise she the said Angelica Nichoalson did then and there take the said Rich Bulley to be her husband each of them promising to be faithful one to the other he as a loving and tender husband she as a loving and obedient wife so long as they should live and we who were then present at their taking each other have hereunto set our hands witnesses unto the same the day and year aforesaid Hallelujah Fisher Nath Allyn Wm Cant Joseph Harvey Sam Jay Margt Cant Geo Barnard Dan Wallis Dorothy King Dan Mealer Joseph Bayly Jn Horn