Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates (PRO RG6/1379)

9.5.1676 (Tuesday 9 May 1676)

document 9700907

1676 memorandum that Jn Pollard of Colchester and Mary Barnard of Fearing both in the county of Essex had a certificate granted them by friends of Colchester and did on the 9.5.1676 come into our public meeting house in Fearing and according to the good order of truth recorded in the holy scriptures of truth did then and there take each other in marriage each of them promising to live together in the fear of the lord until the lord by death shall separate them and we whose names are hereunto subscribed being there present do bear witness that they were so married Jn Raven Rich Cornwell Robt Pettet Thos Stammers Lawrence Candler Jon Bundock Jn Dilledik Jn Sanders Antho Stow Jas Cockerton Grace Sanders Easter Friben Ellen Page Cordala Cornwell Mary Cockerton Sarah Pettet Eliz Matthew Margt Brown Eliz Sanders Sarah Sanders Margt Cullenton