Maps and Images of Earls Colne

  1. Sections of a Map of Earls Colne and Colne
  2. Black and White Photographs of Houses in Earls Colne taken in 1980
  3. Outside the main village

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Sections of a Map of Earls Colne and Colne Priory Manors drawn in 1598

The maps used in the database were copied from this map and then overlaid with the map accompanying the 1838 Tithe Award.

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Black and White Photographs of Houses in Earls Colne taken in 1980

The houses are shown street by street starting from the east end of the village. Relevant house numbers that link into the database can be found by looking at the text accompanying the enlarged images.

Colneford Hill

Sketch map of Colneford Hill

Colneford House Colneford House Colneford Hill Number 38 Number 36
Numbers 34, 32 and 30 Numbers 30, 28, 26 and 24. Colne Valley Butchers Numbers 20, 18 and 16 Numbers 14 and 12
Number 12 and Bridge House Bridge House Colneford Hill

Lower Holt Street

Sketch map of Lower Holt Street

North-west side

River House The Priory Gate in the Priory wall The Priory wall Gate in the Priory wall

South-East side

Colneford Bridge Modern building on site of part of Drewes Old malting house Number 28, Mulberry Close Lower Holt Street
Numbers 22 to 26 Numbers 18 and 20 Lower Holt Street Lower Holt Street Numbers 10 and 8
Number 4, Spoutwell House and Dynes Cottage

Upper Holt Street

Sketch map of Upper Holt Street

North-west side

Priory Cottage Priory Close Numbers 15 and 17 Upper Holt Street Boxsteds
Number 7 Number 5

South-East side

The George Number 28 Elm House Upper Holt Street


Church and Shut Lane

Sketch map Church and Shut Lane

Church Church tower Male head beside the church door Female head beside the church door Interior facing the altar
Memorial to Jane and Mabell Harlakenden Vicars of Earls Colne Cressener and Poynter charities Bells and charitable bequests Plastow memorial

High Street

Sketch map of High Street

South side

Numbers 136 to 132  Twin Gables, numbers 122 and 124 Back of house Numbers 112 and 114 Carved wooden star on bressumer
Houses on High Street Possibly the site of Tabors Numbers 104 and 102 Numbers 104 to 96 Numbers 96 and 94
Number 94 Numbers 92 to 84 Rear of house Numbers 80 and 78 Houses on High Street
Post Office and shop Rear of Post Office and shops View of High Street Co-operative store Number 48
Corner house Numbers 44 to 36 Numbers 22 and 20

North side

Colne Place Number 95 Number 93 View of High Street Numbers 85 to 83
Numbers 81 to 79 Castle Inn Painted panel above the fireplace inside The Castle Numbers 71, 73 and 75 Numbers 65 and 67
Drapers House View of High Street Numbers 41 to 47 Co-operative store The Drum and Numbers 25 and 29
Numbers 15 to 19 The Lion Back of The Lion Hayes

Burrows Road

Quaker Meeting House Numbers 1, 3, 5 and 7

Colne Green

Sketch map of Colne Green

South side

Numbers 7, 8 and 9 Baptist Church Site of house

North side

Numbers 3 and 5 Burrows Road Number 1 Priory Farm Priory Farm Nineteenth century house


Outside the main village

Chalkney Mill

Chalkney Mill Chalkney Mill Chalkney Mill Mill Wheel Mill race The Colne river

Lodge Farm

Lodge Farm Interior of the barn The Barn


Late nineteenth century house The barn

Other outlying houses and fields

Moorland Cottage Crosslane House Debenhams or Deadmans, or Burnt House Rede Cottage
Quince cottages, Curds Road Dovehouse Field, Pondcroft and Church Field Tilekilne Farm Fields