Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR20/15)

1.12.9Eliz1 (Tuesday 1 December 1566)

document 20200005

indictment of Thos Farnam of Earls Colne labourer otherwise hogherd late of Masseworthe county Buckingham labourer for stealing thirty three sheep value 6li the property of Jn Cheyne esq now sheriff of Buckingham at Heydon county Essex and further in fear of arrest abandoning the said sheep within the manor of Eliz Asplond widow at Heydon and then absconding on 6.12.9Eliz1 and thereupon one Wm Barlee gentleman of Heydon as servant of the said Eliz Asplond seized the said sheep to her behoof and use as goods waived belonging to her manor by reason of which she was possessed of the said sheep one of which died by mischance and the residue she held until 12.12. following when Wm Holden bailiff of the hundreds of Uttesford and Freshwell at Chrishall seized the said residue namely thirty two sheep and on 21.12.1566 took the said sheep out of the possession of the said Eliz and delivered the same to Thos French servant of the said Jn Cheyne before that Thos Farnam was attainted by the same felony