Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR140/143)

5.11.1597 (Saturday 5 November 1597)

document 20400623

Jasper Harman of Earls Colne fuller and Thos Ball of Bury county of Suffolk gardener for breaking into the house of Jn Saunders at Woodham Walter between the hours of four and five (in the afternoon) and stealing a pair of breeches worth 8s a frieze jerkin two pairs of stockings worth 4s a hat worth 3s a waistcoat a shirt worth 3s three ruff bands worth 7s seven falling bands worth 7s a sheet worth 6s three pillowberes five kerchiefs worth 10s two 'les gorgettes' worth 5s twelve cross cloths worth 5s three holland aprons worth 10s one silk apron worth 5s two silver rings worth 2s a silk girdle worth 2s two smocks worth 2s and four cheeses worth 4s belonging to the said Jn Saunders the said Jasper acknowledged did not read to be hanged the said Thos dead