Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR266/52)

27.3.1629 (Friday 27 March 1629)

document 20502511

Robt Bushe of Lexden yeoman 10li Simon Ive of Colne Engaine gentleman 5li and Robt Boulden of Chapel alias Pontisbright carpenter 5li came in their proper persons before Rich Harlakenden Boulden to keep the peace to Hen Abbott of Earls Colne yeoman the condition of this recognisance is such that the within bounden Robt Bushe shall make his personal appearance before the justice of our sovereign lord the king at the next general sessions of the peace to be holden for this county of Essex to do and receive that which the court shall be then and there enjoined him and shall in the mean time keep the peace of our sovereign lord the king's majesty and all his liege people and especially towards Hen Abbott of Earls Colne in this county of Essex yeoman that then this recognisance shall be void or else to remain in full force to the use of our sovereign lord the king his heirs and successors