Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR420/89)

28.4.1669 (Wednesday 28 April 1669)

document 20601029

examination of Wm Browne who saith that he hired Jacob Bloome on saturday last about five o'clock in the morning to carry to Antho Lucas of Lexden a bundle of yarn about 33lb or 34lb for which he agreed to give him 3s for the carrying thereof and then he delivered the yarn to him which was spun of the locks of wool that were left at his house by the websters of the sweeping of the house and was spun by Mary Thompson but as to the bundle of wool Jac Bloome did not receive the same of him and that he was gathering of the same thence six or seven years and that he washed the same mark Wm Browne Jn Eldred