Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR700)

.4.1750 (April 1750)

document 20700743

jurors for our sovereign lord the king upon their oath present that Robt Pennock of Earls Colne in the county aforesaid higgler the 13.10.23Geo2 with force and arms and so forth at Halsted in the county aforesaid in and upon Edw Wash in the peace of god and our said lord the now king then and there did make an assault and him the said Edw Wash then and there with force and arms and so forth grievously beat wounded and evilly intreat so that his life was greatly despaired of and other wrongs to him the said Edw Wash did then and there do to the great damage of the said Edw Wash and against the peace of our now said lord the king his crown and dignity confesseth fined 1d true bill Edw Wash sworn in court