Quarter Sessions Bundles (ERO Q/SBb12/15)

5.1.1699 (Thursday 5 January 1699)

document 20900462

to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor and constables of Maplestead Magna and every of them upon complaint made unto us two of his majesty's justices of the peace of the county of Essex one being of the quorum by the overseers of the poor of your said parish that Jn Brittaine and Eliz his wife are lately come unto your said parish (of Maplestead Magna) endeavouring there to settle contrary to law and upon examination of the said Jn Brittaine upon oath it appeareth unto us that he was last legally settled (in Earls Colne) as a covenant servant with Andrew Conney miller of Earls Colne in the said county these are therefore to authorise and require you and every or any of you to convey the said Jn Brittaine and Eliz his wife to Earls Colne aforesaid the place of his last legal settlement and there to leave them with the churchwardens and overseers of the poor thereof or some one of them who is hereby required to receive and provide for them according to law given under our hands and seals the 5.1.1699 Geo Gent Jn Nevile