Colne Priory Rental (ERO D/DPr59 translation of D/DPr5)

1380-1400 (1380)

document 43001050

Xian sometime the wife of Steph of Bury holdeth one tenement called Hakkesoftys Tenement otherwise Tredgolds Tenement lying in length between the way leading to Ballards Croft of one part and Jn Okeman's croft of the other part one head abuts upon Okemans Lane leading from Firmins to Burwis and the other part upon the croft of the same tenement which croft lieth in length between the said tenement of one part and the land of     of the other part one head abuts upon Ballards Croft and the other upon Jn Okeman's croft and rents by year at four terms 16d Jn Smythe (inserted)
Jn Bray