Colne Priory Rental (ERO D/DPr59)

1380-1400 (1380)

document 43003194

Jn Inglysthorp holdeth of the prior of Colne one field called The Rokho alias Westwoodlane beside 12a of land in the same field which are of Thos Twe's fee and he holdeth of the prior one croft of land called The Conywer with the meadow called The Moremede and an aldercarre lying together viz between the land of the same Jn in the same field of the fee of the foresaid Thos Twe of one part and the way leading from Earls Colne toward Burys of the other part one head abuts upon the land of Thos Smythe and the other upon the way leading into the manor of the same Jn Inglesthorp 5s1d