Earls Colne Rental (ERO D/DPr109)

.1.1455 (January 1455)

document 43800066

Steph Rugge ( Steph Bugge ) holdeth freely one tenement under the wood of Chaltenhey with divers lands and pastures to the same messuage belonging sometime Emmote Copins and after Thos Hunt's after Robt Marchall of London and rents at the said terms 12s10d item he holdeth freely one croft of land sometime Jn Squier under Chiffen and after the said Emmote and after Thos Hunts and Robt and rents by the year at the said terms 12d item he holdeth freely 6a (sic) of land in the field of Sandhills late Roger Copins since Thos Hunt's and after the said Robt Marchalle's and rents by year at the said terms 6s 19s10d