Earls Colne Tithe Award (ERO D/CT101A)

1838 (1838)

document 90000040

Schedule G being the lands which are to be assessed with a conditional rent charge in lieu of small tithes

lands belonging to Rich Horsman Solly esq

lands belonging to Hen Holgate Carwardine esq

(list same as Schedule A. Priory offices onward noted as parcels of the Priory land with the exception of Sexton's Tenement Further lists same as Schedules D, E and F, Joseph Hagan Dell's land called Chalkney Mill and land and rev Robt Watkinson's called Colneford Mill )

Now we Jn Isaacson of Clare in the county of Suffolk and Robt Franklin of Thaxted in the county of Essex having been duly appointed valuers to apportion the total sum agreed to be paid by way of rent charge in lieu of tithes amongst the several lands of the said parish of Earls Colne do hereby apportion the rent charge as follows. Gross rent charge payable to the tithe owners in lieu of tithes for the parish of Earls Colne in the county of Essex (including tithe of glebe) £913.9s9d viz.

to the vicar £194.15s

rev Robt Watkinson £475 + £1.4s = £477.4s

Hen Holgate Carwardine £95

trustees of the late Wm Phil Honywood £73.15s

Rich Horsman Solly £70

Joseph Hagan Dell £2.15s

Robt Hills 9d

total £913.9s9d

value in imperial bushels and decimal parts of an imperial bushel of wheat, barley and oats viz.

wheat 7s1h1f 867.40653

barley 3s11d1h 1538.50527

oats 2s9d 2214.51515