Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

19.5.1613 (Wednesday 19 May 1613)

document 22600138

a note of some court rolls taken by myself 19.5.1613 of the earldom of Hen7 two of the 2Hen7 one of the 6Hen7 one of 10Hen7 one of 11Hen7 one of 12Hen7 two rolls both in 13Hen7 one in 14Hen7 one in 15Hen7 two in 16Hen7 one in 17Hen7 two in 18Hen7 one in 19Hen7 one in 20Hen7 two in 21Hen7 two in 22Hen7 one in 23Hen7