Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

2.8.1606 (Saturday 2 August 1606)

document 22601621

2.8.1606 had of Alban (Sillito) in meat 67lb of beef at 3s and a quarter of mutton 2s 3lb suet 13s 6.8.1606 received of him the remainder for the whole bargain of sheep 23s4d sold him more eleven ewes at 8s6d a piece for which received in meat 32s2d 24.8.1606 received of him in money at which time he hath killed seven besides 3s4d for a wether charging 25s6d 30.9.1606 set of in meat to Alban for the three ewes and wether 30s6d