Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

13.7.1616 (Saturday 13 July 1616)

document 22701609

13.7.1616 reckoned with goodman Wright and I find that he hath paid all the last michaelmas rent and all to that time except 7li for the tithe of Kings Wood and 18s of the lady rent last in money and corn and he hath paid besides in work sowing ploughing and harrowing the little piece behind the barn 6a last year 20s ploughing 17a in Johnsons four tilths at 2s8d the acre besides the harrowing and sowing 10li The Square Piece 12a three tilths besides the sowing 5li18s The Blackbush Piece (321) 8a of it he gave three tilths 3li8s and of 5a he gave two tilths 26s8d 3a of oats ploughed harrowed and sown 10s and two journeys to Colchester 10s thirty six days ploughing and carrying wood being found at 2s a day 3li12s his maid gathering hops sixteen days 8s and 10lb of butter 3s4d and the rest I forgave him being some 4li 5li and so all the rent and work hitherto is cleared and for the michaelmas rent he is to pay 25li and after we are to give six halfs he to find half the seed ploughing and sowing and I the ground and other half seed to let him pasture for 6s8d an acre and give him the lower end of Nuland Meadow