Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

29.6.1619 (Tuesday 29 June 1619)

document 22800259

29.6.1619 received of goodman Wright onward of my half years rent ended at midsummer for that part of the Little Lodge he hath in his hand at 8s the acre and the quarter besides for he entered at michaelmas 40li reckoned with him that day and I find that he owed me of my michaelmas rent last 30s and I laid out more then he touching ining the corn last harvest 6s whereof he paid 3s and there was sown of wheat of mine 14bushels in the Acre piece about 7a and in Cutlers piece 5bushels 2a and half and in Johnsons Piece late Wades being half sowed of my seed 9bushels there being 9a at the least at 3s6d 4li18s and my men ploughing of Seven Acres one tilth at 2s9d 18s8d whereof I must abate for his three tilths and harrowing twice of Pilgrims piece 21a at 2s8d 5li17s so this is even and he oweth me still 33s but he saith he hath paid more rent than is of the ground till we measure and he must leave me 20a of fallow ready for sowing when he doth leave it and must pay my last half years rent at michaelmas because he payeth half rent at midsummer and xmas 33s