Little Lodge

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1598Terrier to accompany Map of Earls Colne and Colne Priory Manors44600124 44600530
Saturday 24 March 1604Harlakenden Account Book22600954
Thursday 11 July 1605Harlakenden Account Book22901154
Sunday 25 August 1605Harlakenden Account Book22901204
Wednesday 28 October 1607Harlakenden Account Book22601965
Sunday 21 June 1612Harlakenden Account Book22902821
Thursday 24 June 1613Chancery Depositions16000904
Monday 10 January 1614Harlakenden Account Book22902203
Thursday 25 June 1618Harlakenden Account Book22800005
Tuesday 29 June 1619Harlakenden Account Book22800259
1623Freehold Titles31700652
Saturday 31 December 1629Harlakenden Account Book23300092
Sunday 27 November 1631Harlakenden Account Book23200061
Saturday 9 June 1632Coroner's Inquisition Post Mortem12700005
Wednesday 13 June 1632Coroner's Inquisition Post Mortem12700081
Monday 5 October 1635Freehold Titles25500005
Sunday 1 September 1639Freehold Titles25700005
Friday 24 December 1645Wills4201767
Tuesday 19 March 1678Earls Colne and Colne Priory rental22502875
1682Chancery Depositions16901150