Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

10.1.1614 (Monday 10 January 1614)

document 22902203

memo if he do not my ploughing I must abate 40s per annum and harrowing but the fourth part of a tilth by me Rich Harlakenden mark Geo Wright 10.1.1614 let unto Geo Wright of Black Notley part of the Little Lodge house together with the orchard and gardens and the barn and little house in the yard where the house standeth one stable and chaff house together with (338) the Pound Close the Linetree piece (356) (354) two Curdes pieces (351) the Pound (352) (352a) Rushy Pasture (350) (351a) (347a) (348) Kings Wood with the bushet at the end of it and (339) (340) (341) Bushett Pasture lying behind the orchard and abutting upon Kings Wood with all the underwood on the said grounds growing for 10s the acre giving him the forecrop of one acre of meadow every year in Kemborne Meadow or Ten Acres Meadow he paying for mowing and making of the said grass for twelve years with a reentry within eighteen days from michaelmas next and for Kings Wood till michaelmas next because he hath liberty to come thither to make a fallow 8li the said Geo Wright to plough all my grounds in the rest of the said Lodge in my hands that I shall convert into tillage and look to my cattle and store them in winter as need shall require and to mend all the gaps I allowing him for every tilth that he shall make for me 2s8d with a proviso not to let any unless one the Curds pieces to pasture