Wills (Probert private Roger Harlakenden late of Earls Colne now of Massachusetts 1645)

24.12.1645 (Friday 24 December 1645)

document 4201767

(date that of proving) in the name of god amen I Roger Harlackenden late of Earls Colne in the county of Essex in the realm of England gent now of Newtowne in the Mattachusetts Bay in America do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following I give and bequeath all my lands and tenements with the appurtenances commonly called Colne Parke or the Little Lodge now in the tenure of     March Thos Hales and the widow Waford together with one parcel of meadow called Hunwicks Meadow lying in Earls Colne or elsewhere in the county of Essex into the hands of Godfrey Boseveile Rich Harlackenden Hen Darley Nath Bacon esqs to such uses as are hereafter limited and expressed my will and meaning is that my said feoffees aforenamed shall have full power and authority to make sale of my aforesaid lands if they shall think fit for the better performance of this my will I give and bequeath all that my land with the appurtenances abovesaid to my eldest son and his heirs forever if I shall have such issue by Eliz my now wife lawfully begotten of my body coming in case such lands beforesaid be not sold provided always that my said son pay yearly at michaelmas and lady day or one fortnight after to Eliz my wife 40li per annum during the term of her natural life at 20li the half year to begin at the first of the said days which shall next happen after my decease and so to continue during the term and if it shall happen that the said rent in part or whole shall be behind and unpaid at the days mentioned then it shall be lawful for my wife to distrain or enter upon the land whiles such monies are paid further my mind and will is that my said son shall pay to my daughter Eliz if she be then living the sum of 300li of lawful money to be paid within six months after my decease for the performance thereof I bind my said lands etc nevertheless in case my land should be sold then my will is that the money which shall be received for the same shall be distributed according to the uses formerly expressed moreover my will is if I have no issue male lawfully begotten then I give to my daughter Eliz all that land abovesaid performing the conditions before mentioned furthermore if I shall have another daughter then I give to the said daughter 500li of lawful money of England to be paid by my daughter Eliz unto her one year after my decease for the true performance thereof I bind my said lands but in case she should die before the money is due then my daughter Eliz shall not be bound to pay the same I give to Eliz my wife all that my house and land lately purchased of Thos Dudley esq in Newtowne in the Mattachusetts Bay in America or elsewhere with my farms to her and her heirs forever and also I give my said wife 40li per annum to be paid as aforesaid out of my lands in like manner I give to my wife the one half of all my goods and chattels and all my lands about the town with the interest in all the commons also I give to my natural sister now living and to the children of my sister Nevile lately deceased each of my sisters living 5li and 5li to my sister Nevile's children I give to mr Shepheard our pastor 40li and to our elders that which is in their hands and to the poor brethren of our congregation 20li to be ordered by mr Shepheard to the library 10li and all my books which are not useful for my wife also I give my cousin Sarah 5li to be raised within one year after my decease also I give to Jn Bridge 5li10s to Anna my maidservant 40s to Mary my maid 30s to Golding and Thos Prentisse 30s each of them all other my lands and goods unbequeathed I give to my executors towards the payments of my debts and legacies and if it shall not be sufficient to pay my said debts then I bind my said lands in Essex for the true performance thereof and I do constitute and appoint my brother Rich Harlackenden esq and my brother Jn Haines esq executors of this my last will and testament and I do further constitute my well beloved wife and Jn Bridge to be executors of this my last will and testament equally to be joined with them witness Jn Haynes Thos Shepard Jn Moore Roger Harlackenden and seal