Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

25.6.1618 (Thursday 25 June 1618)

document 22800005

25.6.1618 reckoned with goodman Wright who in seed time sowed 45bushels of wheat of which he had of mine 27bushels so the half is 9bushels which I must allow him 45s of barley he did sow 12bushels and had 14bushels of me so he is owing to me for all barley 2s4d he did sow 12bushels and half of pease of which he had of me 11bushels of dutch pease so that he must allow me for 5bushels of those pease 20s of which he paid for reaping 13a wheat in the Linetree piece and 6a in Pudneys piece next behind the house the Great piece and 5a of Cutlers piece next the lane at 2s8d the acre 32s and for mowing and binding 11a of oats in Pilgrims piece and 12a of oats in the Square piece and two and half in Cutlers other piece at 18d the acre 19s6d and for carrying of it into the barns there and the moiety of Wades Field now being fallow 30s sum total to be abated 5li4s and received more of him for reckoning 13li10s 9li so there is 14s for his town rate last year 9li memo his meadow in Newland Meadow is to go on the next year and if he forgo the Lodge he is to allow me for it