Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

21.6.1612 (Sunday 21 June 1612)

document 22902821

21.6.1612 the same land again settled to the same persons in trust by a deed of conveyance and counterpart unsealed query for the deed itself of the Little Lodge with my wife's whole jointure to myself for life and after to Roger Harlakenden my second son and the heirs male etc and of all the rest of my lands manors etc to myself for life and after for forty years and then to Rich eldest son etc bearing date 28.11.1613 the same revoked by a deed of revocation dated 29.11.1613 a lease to my brother Thos Harlakenden for twenty-one years in trust for payment of debts and raising portions etc of all my lands excepting the Little Lodge et c and when I make new estates to cancel this lease and my brother to write# etc dated 30.11.1613 a conveyance of the Little Lodge etc to the same parties before in trust to Roger Harlakenden and heirs male after the decease of me the said Rich dated 30.11.11Jas1 a conveyance to the same parties in trust of the rest of the lands to myself for life and after for twenty-one years and then to my eldest son Rich dated 1.12.11Jas1 the same revoked vide the deed