Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

10.4.1616-23.9.1618 (Wednesday 10 April 1616)

document 23000005

memo it appeareth by Sam Games acquittance in the nest of boxes that of the 10li that Robt Game left and Sam Game took administration of Rich Game had 30s for his part     Game his other brother had 30s and himself for his part and charges about the administration had 50s the rest being 4li10s remaineth in my hands to the use of the widow Game and her son out of which she hath had of me in her extremity of sickness and want at several times as appeareth by a little paper book of Rowland hand in corn and money and wood 34s and query of her what she hath had more she hath had all which is due her# of 16s 15s